Nagaland State Lottery Sambad 04.12.2022

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Nagaland State Lottery Prize Details

RankPrize Amount in (₹)
1st Prize1 Crore
Cons. Prize1000/-
2nd Prize9000/-
3rd Prize500/-
4th Prize250/-
5th Prize120/-

The Dear Lottery is the most trusted and popular lottery ticket played in the state of Nagaland, it was established in the year 1972 under the supervision of the state government. Nagaland state tickets are sold under the name Dear Lottery and live draws are held every day of the week at three different times the day 1st morning, 6th day, and the evening or 8th night.

Sambad lottery is organized every day under different names due to which there is some difference in prizes its first prize money is 1 crore and the ticket price is only 6 rupees per ticket. The daily lottery tickets issued by the state of Nagaland include Dear Morning, Dear Day, and Dear Evening,

Lottery Sambad Today All Prize Full List

No. of PrizesRankPrize Amount ( in ₹)Super Prize Amount (in ₹)
699Cons. 1,000500

Nagaland Dear Lottery 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM Timetable 2022

Day1:00 PM6:00 PM8:00 PM
SundayDear Damodar MorningDear JupiterDear Hawk Evening
MondayDear Ganga MorningDear SunDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Teesta MorningDear MoonDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Torsa MorningDear MercuryDear Eagle Evening
ThursdayDear Padma MorningDear VenusDear Falcon Evening
FridayDear Hooghly MorningDear EarthDear Vulture Evening
SaturdayDear Kosai MorningDear MarsDear Ostrich Evening

Dear Morning 1 PM: The result of this ticket is drawn live as per its schedule on the official youtube channel of Nagaland and the total ticket is 5.80 crore 42 to 99/A B C D E F G H J K L series with serial numbers to be printed. From 00000 to 99999.

Dear Day 6 PM: Nagaland releases this lottery result pdf file on its official website at 6.10 pm a day and the total tickets to be printed in series 2.80 crores 74 to 99/A B C D E F G H J K L. with serial number. 00000 to 99999.

Dear Evening 8 PM: Let me tell you that Nagaland organizes every ticket through a live draw on time and they can be downloaded pdf of results through the Nagaland website at 8.10 pm and the total ticket is 7.00 crore 30 to 99 / ABC D E F G H J K L Serial number after being printed in series. From 00000 to 99999. All their tickets cost only ₹6/- per ticket.

There are 13 states in India where the operation of a lottery is completely legal, in which the state of Nagaland is quite popular, the rest of the states like Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Kerala, West Bengal, Sikkim, Punjab, Goa, Maharashtra, Bhutan, Tripura, Assam as the state is involved.

Lottery Sambad Play Timing
Lottery Sambad Play Timing

Lottery Sambad Morning 11:55 AM Timetable 2021

Day11:55 AM
SundayDear Affectionate Morning
MondayDear Loving Morning
TuesdayDear Sincere Morning
WednesdayDear Faithful Morning
ThursdayDear Kind Morning
FridayDear Tender Morning
SaturdayDear Gentle Morning

Lottery Sambad Today 4 PM Timetable 2021

Day4:00 PM
SundayDear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
MondayDear Bangalakshmi Raidak
TuesdayDear Bangalakshmi Torsha
WednesdayDear Bangalakshmi Teesta
ThursdayDear Bangashree Ichamati
FridayDear Bangashree Damodar
SaturdayDear Bangabhumi Ajay

Lottery Sambad Night/Evening 8 PM Timetable 2021

Day8:00 PM
SundayDear Hawk Evening
MondayDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Eagle Evening
ThursdayDear Falcon Evening
FridayDear Vulture Evening
SaturdayDear Ostrich Evening

Important Information regarding Nagaland State Lottery Winning Amount Claim

Important Information About Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Winning Amount Claim
I would like to state that the Nagaland State Lotteries is held every day at PR Hill Junction, Kohima – 797001, and the lottery is managed and organized by the Director of Nagaland State Lotteries. If you are one of the lucky winners then to claim the prize you need to:

  • Activate your ticket with a copy of the Lottery Claim Form
  • You have the ticket but must not be damaged
  • You should attach government recognized photo ID and passport-size photograph with the claim form
  • Tampered or mutilated tickets are not accepted

The State Government authorizes the Distributor to pay prizes up to the value of ₹10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand) only from the concerned Distributor/Stockist/Agent/Vendor to the award winners on behalf of the State Government.

Step #1. Visit the Official Website of the Nagaland State Lottery.

Step #2. Then scroll in the footer and Click on the “Claim” Option.

Step #3. Next Download Application for Lottery Prize Claim of Nagaland State Lotteries.

Step #4. Now fill out the Application form correctly and attached the necessary Documents Like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Photo & Others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Play Nagaland Lottery Online?

Answer. Yes, there are many such websites from where you can play the Nagaland lottery online, if you want, you can also play offline by contacting the local agent.

Q. How can I check my Nagaland state lottery result?

Answer. It is very easy if you want to visit every day to check Nagaland state results follow this step to match results on the official website of Nagaland: First of all, ensure the date of your ticket and click on this Go to the homepage of the website, now see the timing of your ticket, click on the pdf near the button of 1 PM / 6 PM / 8 PM, the file will be downloaded in a few seconds and open the file and match the result.

Q. Who is owner of Nagaland state lottery?

Answer. Government of Nagaland
The Nagaland State Lottery is a lottery system run by the Government of Nagaland.

Q. Is Nagaland lottery genuine?

Answer. Yes, it has made many people millionaires.

Q. Can I buy other state lottery in India?

Answer. No, it is legal to play the lottery only in 13 states of India, whose names we have shown above.


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